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One of my favorite parts about pre- travel anticipation is when the first day of your trip pops up on the week long weather forecast.



And our mystery trip is…


Inaugural Post

I thought it would be a good idea, for my first posting, to share some of the things I hope to address in the future of this blog to titillate your interest. (Yes, I just said titillate)

But I think it is first important to start at the very beginning, it’s a very good place to start. When you write you begin with “A, B, C”, when you travel you begin with “Where the hell am I?”

Lot’s of travel blogs will tell you all about the next coolest place to visit in the world, but not mine. OK, I lie, maybe I will a little bit. My main goal, however, is to spread the word about sustainable tourism. Now, before you go waving me off for being too “hippie” or a “tree-huger” take a listen to some of my ideas. I am fully aware that many believe sustainable tourism is an oxymoron since tourism itself is a rather consumptive activity. In many ways this is true, and I fully acknowledge that I too consume a great deal when I travel and leave a mighty footprint when I fly on planes. But, I am hoping to show you that there are smart, smarter, and smartest choices to make while traveling that do result in positive sustainable outcomes and can increase the fun factor on your holiday experience. I hope to cover a broad range of topics as this blog of mine progresses. From questioning what sustainable tourism really means, to highlighting specific sites and sounds around the world that can be sustainably experienced. I also plan to talk about some cheaper traveling options, for those like me with small budgets, that can make larger differences in a community than an over the top, oober pricey, resorty/cruisey vacation. And if you are lucky I may post some embarrassing holiday photos and videos of my own travel experiences. Obviously I would do this to once again titillate your interest.

So, to get things started, I would love for you to send me any questions you have or ideas you would like me to discuss about traveling, tourism, sustainability, my love of trekking with llamas, etc. Let this blog be your oyster.

Wait, what?

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